Midwest Landscape Initiative

The Midwest Landscape Initiative identifies shared conservation and management priorities that require the development of scalable collaborative solutions to achieve healthy, functioning ecosystems in the Midwest. Guided by federal and state fish and wildlife agencies across the Midwest, we recognize our important role and unique responsibilities to conserve the natural landscape and the incredible biodiversity it supports based on our best available science.

An organized structure co-identifies priorities and strategies to guide voluntary action plans. We currently place special emphasis on:

  1. At-risk species by using landscape-based conservation efforts to minimize the need to list species as threatened or endangered;
  2. Wind energy to identify impacts to wildlife from wind energy development and produce guidelines for siting and operations to avoid or minimize impacts; and
  3. Habitat inventory and assessment tools to understand landscape level trends in distribution, abundance and condition of natural communities across the region to identify opportunities for strategic resource investment that maximize conservation gains.

Steering committee members:

Jim Douglas, Nebraska Game and Parks Department, Co-Chair

Craig Czarnecki, USFWS, Interior Region 3, Co-Chair


Samantha Brooke, USFWS, Interior Regions 5 and 7

Ed Boggess, Midwest Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (Ex Oficio)

Pete Hildreth, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Sara Parker Pauley, Missouri Department of Conservation 

John Rogner, Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Bill Uihlein, USFWS, Interior Regions 2 and 4

John Thompson, USGS CRU


Technical committee members:

Katy Reeder, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Co-Chair

Brad Potter, USFWS Interior Region 3, Science Applications, Co-Chair


Pat Deibert, USFWS Interior Regions 5 & 7, Science Applications

Ryan Drum, USFWS Interior Region 3, Science Applications

Scott Hicks, USFWS Interior Region 3, Ecological Services

Jennifer Garland, USFWS Interior Region 1, Ecological Services

Barry Grand, USGS- CRU

Will Inselman, Nebraska Game and Parks Department

Mara Koenig, USFWS Interior Region 3, External Affairs

Oliva LeDee, USGS – Midwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

Russ Mason, Michigan Department of Natural Resources/Michigan State University

Hilary Morey, South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

Nate Muenks, Missouri Department of Conservation

Kate Parsons, Ohio Division of Wildlife

Rich Schultheis, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism


Non-Member Participants:

Claire Beck, Midwest Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Ed Boggess, Midwest Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Bill Moritz, Wildlife Management Institute

Kelley Myers, USFWS Interior Region 3, Science Applications

Ollie Torgerson, Midwest Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies


◾To join the landscape conversation or for more information contact Kelley Myers at kelley_myers@fws.gov or Katy Reeder at katy.reeder@dnr.iowa.gov.